A Basketball You Should Not Bounce



The blue, calfskin leather Hermès basketball can be found at the Beverly Hills Boutique of the brand. For now there are only two balls available each priced at $12,900 but you can order more from Paris headquarters if you want to.

Accessories For Democracy


Sorry, I haven’t been posting for a while. As some of you know Gentlemeter is based in Istanbul where peaceful protests for more democracy and freedom are taking place. I will not be posting until the police brutality and tear-gassing ends. Hope you understand.


waterrowerRowing works 84% of your muscles. It burns more calories than walking or jogging and helps your posture. Waterrower is a rowing machine that works with water resistance, if you close your eyes you may think you are rowing on a lake. Also; Kevin Spacey exercises with a Waterrower in House Of Cards.